Astronaut Candidate Interviews - Shannon Walker
I took the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow over to Beijing. And, uh, I went with a girlfriend of mine who was living in, in Moscow at the time. And, we shared a, a compartment with two other Russians. And so, just trying to, first, learn how to live with strangers for, for as long as it took was interesting in and of itself. And then, going through the Russian countryside, uh, and seeing how it change, how it changes as you go from west to east, uh, was just fascinating to me. Because you go from, from forested area outside of Moscow to the high steppes, uh, in, in Siberia. And then, uh, we went down into Mongolia. We went south into Mongolia, which was, uh, a whole different culture. I had been living in, uh, the Russian culture for so long and then, uh, uh, getting some experience in the Far Eastern or Eastern cultures was, was quite interesting, and then into China, spending some time in China. Uh, just an amazing adventure.