Astronaut Candidate Interviews - Shannon Walker
For the past years, I have been working in what's called the Mission Evaluation Room in the Space Station Program. And, the Mission Evaluation Room is the team of engineers, uh, that work in the Control Center. We support the flight controllers, and we support, uh, the, the, the Station. We have two main roles: to make sure that the Station is operating the way we designed it; we're actually the design representatives in the Space Station, for the Space Station. Uh, so we want to make sure that, that the Station operates the way we wanted it to and the way we built it; and then, we do the detailed problem-solving whenever there are issues on the Space Station. So, uh, we get down in the nitty-gritty, trying to figure out which line of software code isn't doing what we think it ought to be doing or, or which piece of hardware isn't, isn't functioning properly.