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Sun-Earth Day in Espanol
screen capture of spanish poster Storms from the Sun
Tormentas Solares - Solar Storms Poster
The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum (SECEF) works with scientists and education specialists to promote the study of the Sun, aurora, and space weather. The Transit of Venus, a rare celestial event that will occur in 2004, will be the focus of Sun-Earth events in the next few months.

The Sun-Earth Connection and the National Society of Hispanic Physicists are working together to spread the word among Hispanic communities and students in North America. Sun-Earth will be providing educational materials in Spanish to members of the Society as they visit schools, museums, and community-based organizations to inform people about Sun-Earth events.

The Spanish educational materials are available to educators from:
Sun-Earth Web site
NASA Educator Resource Centers
Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE)

Sun-Earth Events in the next few months include:
  • March 19, 2004: Sun-Earth Day to prepare for the Transit of Venus

  • June 8, 2004: Transit of Venus - live broadcast from Spain

  • Winter Solstice, 2004: Chaco Canyon, NM - Ancient Observatories (part I)

  • Spring Equinox, 2005: Chichen Itza, Mexico - Ancient Observatories (part II)

Sun-Earth Educational Materials in Spanish:

Tormentas Solares
(Storms from the Sun - Poster)
Available through CORE and NASA Educator Resource Centers

Nuestra Propia Estrella: el Sol
(Our Very Own Star: the Sun - Booklet for K-4)
Available through CORE and NASA Educator Resource Centers

Auroras! Luces Misteriosas en el Cielo
(Auroras! Mysterious Lights in the Sky - Booklet for K-4)

Making Sun-Earth Connection
(CD-ROM, version 2 and above, English and Spanish)
Available through CORE

The Dynamic Sun
(CD-ROM, version 5, English and Spanish)
Available through CORE

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Image Siguiendo Manchas Solares
(Sunspot tracking web-based exercise in PDF format - Grades 5-12)

assembled paper model of the SOHO spacecraft
Spanish Instructions are Available to Make a Model of the SOHO Spacecraft
Modelo de la Nave Espacial SOHO
(SOHO spacecraft - downloadable paper model)

The SOHO Portfolio

More Spanish Materials and Web sites:

Conexion Sol - Tierra

The Space Place in Espanol

Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum