SCI Files™ with Associate Administrator Fred Gregory Transcript
SHOW OPEN -- Catherine, Jacob, and Dr D in the car.

CATHERINE (reading): Guess what. Bianca just sent us an e-mail. The ceremony is being streamed live over the internet.

JACOB: Are we connected?

CATHERINE: (obviously) Yes.

JACOB: Dr. D, don't move the car.

On the screen in the car we see the awards ceremony begin. Mr. Gregory is at the microphone speaking.

MR. GREGORY: Good afternoon, I'm Mr. Gregory, and today we are recognizing area students for outstanding achievement by middle school kids. Throughout history, we have looked to the heavens for answers to life's bigger questions: As we stand at the threshold of the 21st century, we have the potential, within our lifetimes, to discover the answers. Our first award is: "Outstanding Achievements in Inspiring others to succeed in Math and Science.

(pause) The winner for our first category, or should I say winners, are the Tree House Detectives...

JACOB: Quick, e-mail Bianca my speech.

RJ Kali and Bianca appear on stage and shake Mr. Gregory's hand.


JACOB: I really wish we could have been there.

DR. D: Well, we'll be there shortly. Maybe you'll still get a chance.


CATHERINE (reading): I think you're right Dr. D. More than you know.

JACOB: What do you mean?

CATHERINE: I just got an e-mail from Bianca. You'll never believe what she just told me.

EXT. AUDITORIUM - DAY -- Everyone is standing around outside the auditorium. Mr. Gregory, Dr. D, R.J. Kali, Bianca, Catherine, Jacob. Mr. Gregory is addressing them all.

MR. GREGORY: With the Nation's new vision, "A renewed Spirit of Discovery," we are going to be building a new crew exploration vehicle, we're going to be going back to the Moon, and we are going to send humans and robotics to Mars and beyond.

KALI: I can't wait.

BIANCA: What can we do to make this a reality?

MR. GREGORY: First of all, you have to stay in school and take lots of courses in math and science. And check the NASA web site and see if there are any areas of interest you might have. And just begin to prepare yourself for the future.

Jacob is looking at the other Tree House Detectives

JACOB: Sounds just like the steps we use to solve problems.

Bianca looks at Mr. Gregory

BIANCA: What is NASA doing to inspire the next generation of explorers?

MR. GREGORY: Well, you know education is a core part of NASA. But what we are trying to do is make science and discovery and technology exciting for you. You know, one of you might be the first to step on Mars.

BIANCA: Thanks Mr. Gregory.

MR. GREGORY: You know, I actually have a question.

Jacob is very excited that a NASA person is asking him something. Jacob acts proud.

JACOB: Just ask.

MR. GREGORY: Where do you all do all this exciting research?

The kids all smile.