Astronaut Candidate Interviews - Thomas Marshburn
The, uh, well, my wife was actually the first to find out. Uh, besides myself; I'd left my office. She had another office at JSC at the time. And, walked over. And, you could see on her face she was wondering what I was doing there. I hadn't visited her very often in her office. And then, she realized what had happened. Because we knew an announcement was coming out fairly soon. So, I did tell her I'd, I'd been selected, but I almost didn't have to. She, uh, uh, cried a little bit and we gave each other hugs. And, she was very excited.

The, uh, I've got six brothers and sisters. Called each one of them individually. Each one's a, a different story. Some of them are doctors. I called them when they were right in the middle of, of practice or in the emergency department, something like that. And, uh, all very excited. One brother in Canada, uh, he was on vacation; it took me a couple of days to hunt him down. But, uh, everyone was very, very excited for me. They knew I'd been, uh, hoping to do this for a long time. So, it was good to share their excitement.