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Activities for Sun-Earth Day
The Sun-Earth Education team has assembled a diverse collection of activities and resources that can be used with students of all ages in formal and informal settings. Scan the list, and join in the excitement of Sun-Earth Day on March 21, 2005.

Logo for Sunwatchers Through Time
Sun Watchers Through Time
Follow this interactive timeline from 3000 BC through 1990 about observers of the sun.
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Image to right: Travel through time with this timeline of sunwatchers. Credit: NASA

Sun-Earth Viewer
This online viewer provides images, illustrations and visualizations about the sun. Watch interviews with NASA scientists as they talk about the sun and how it affects our lives.
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Timeless Knowledge Lesson Plans for Grades K-5
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Timeless Knowledge Lesson Plans for Grades 6-8
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Timeless Knowledge Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12
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Make and Take Activities
Construct paper models of the RHESSI, SOHO or TRACE spacecraft that study the sun, create an edible model of the sun, listen to the sun's Song or learn about solar eclipses.
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Tracking a Solar Storm Module for Grades 4-12
The Student Observation Network: Tracking a Solar Storm program collects and organizes data from many NASA missions into learning modules that make it easy for students to engage in inquiry.
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Sun-Earth Day folder
Sun-Earth Day Kit
Receive this packet with classroom activities, posters, CDs and other educational resources. Download many of the materials or order a packet online.
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Image to right: Educators may obtain a Sun-Earth Day Kit by visiting the Sun-Earth Day Web site. Credit: NASA

Hands-On Exercise: Finding Solar North
This activity is featured on the back of the Ancient Observatories: Timeless Knowledge poster from the Sun-Earth Day Kit.
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Magnetic Field Activities for the High School Classroom
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Sun-Earth Day traditionally falls on the Spring Equinox which happens this year on March 20! However, many Sun-Earth Day events occur throughout the year. Keep checking back for updates and other educational resources and opportunities.

Sun-Earth Day Web site
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