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Doing Without
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Cartoon drawing of a covered wagon
Below is a list of items pioneers might have placed in their covered wagons for the long trip west. Some of these items are necessities, and some are luxuries. Choose the 10 items from the chart you think are the most important, and write them in the empty boxes.

Image to right: A covered wagon like this was used by pioneers.
Boots Dolls Blanket Kettle
Cooking utensils Tin tableware Musical instrument Family album
Candle mold Plow Rifle Ladle
Skillet Tent Bacon Schoolbooks
Poles Campstool Spyglass Stakes
Flour Wool coat Ax Rocking chair
Lanterns Gunpowder Coffee pot Bullet mold
Fine linens Pillow Bed Grandfather clock











Cartoon drawing of Space Shuttle Orbiter
Now, choose 10 items you would take on the Space Shuttle. You may use words from the chart or pick your own! Remember that space is limited on the Shuttle, so you can’t take large items.

Image to left: Astronauts cannot take large personal items on the Space Shuttle.

Shoes Doll Blanket Scissors
E-mail addresses Food packs Musical instrument Family album
Cookies Schoolbooks Basketball Pillow
Teddy Bear Tent Pet Velcro
Fork Clothes Game Book
Video Game CDs/player Movie Telephone











Why did you choose these items?