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  • 2010 NASA Year in Review

    Year in Review 2010

    Learn about some of NASA's top stories for 2010.

  • Screenshot of Orbital Tracking

    Orbital Tracking  →

    See the location of the International Space Station over Earth.

  • Una nina sonriendo con una imagen de la Tierra de fondo

    NASA y Tú

    Help engage students and encourage STEM studies with this site from NASA and Univision. Videos and activities are available in Spanish and English.

  • Screenshot from 'Know Your Earth' video

    "Know Your Earth"

    11.30.10 - This video segment has been shown in theater lobbies this summer. It is also available for museums, science centers, planetariums, parks, nature centers, zoos, aquariums and more.

  • Supernova remnant LMCN63A

    Astronomy Club Partner Program  →

    11.02.10 - Partner with The Space Place to bring news of specific NASA projects to your members. Help spread the excitement of space and Earth science, as well as the technology that advances the science.

  • Adjustable ring with an Earth- and space-themed glass setting

    Space Craft Contest  →

    10.19.10 - Celebrate artistic exploration with NASA and Etsy. Share original artwork or a handmade item inspired by the Space Shuttle Program or space exploration. You could win a trip to a launch.

  • Students dressed like astronauts

    Traveling Space Museum Video

    10.13.10 - To inspire and motivate the next generation of space explorers, NASA's Ames Research Center teamed up with the Traveling Space Museum to teach students the way astronauts are taught -- by doing.

  • The carbon cycle

    Earth Science Week Resources  →

    Find multimedia products and educational activities to support this year's theme, "Exploring Energy."

  • Smith and a co-worker pedal a moonbuggy

    Go Backstage With NASA Education

    09.28.10 - NASA education writer Heather R. Smith takes readers behind the scenes with a new blog.

  • Fit kids balancing on a solar array of the ISS

    Fit Explorer Challenge

    09.28.10 - Encourage your group to train like astronauts. The Fit Explorer Project has hands-on science activities that help students understand the science behind nutrition and physical fitness.

  • The spiral galaxy Messier 101

    After School Astronomy Clubs  →

    09.14.10 - These clubs are for participants in grades K-12.

  • Comet Hale-Bopp

    Amateur Observers' Program  →

    08.31.10 - This NASA program provides guides on how to find comets and asteroids in the night sky.

  • Image of a moon crater with the words How to Make a Crater

    How to Make a Crater

    How can cake ingredients be whipped into a moonlike crater? This activity works in classrooms, in camps and at home.

  • Cartoon of two girls looking at the night sky

    Let Us Help You Earn Girl Scout Badges!  →

    08.24.10 - NASA Space Place has resources that junior, cadette and senior Girl Scouts can use to meet badge requirements.

  • Man sits among middle school students

    Summer of Innovation Partnership Opportunities

    NASA seeks to partner with organizations to help achieve its Summer of Innovation goals. Potential partnership activities are varied, and NASA is receptive to a wide range of creative possibilities.

  • Astronaut Roger Crouch.

    NASA Teaches Amusement Park Goers to Explore Possibilities

    08.17.10 - Roller coasters whizzed by and people of all ages screamed in unison. Nearby, children played in Dragon Land while others rode the Curse of DarKastle.

  • A rock formation in Arizona with a thumbs up and thumbs down under the image

    Help NASA Decide Where to Explore!  →

    08.10.10 - In September 2010, NASA will simulate a lunar mission in Arizona. Astronauts will drive the Space Exploration Vehicle to explore and do field work. Your vote can decide where the crews should go!

  • NASA at the 2010 Boy Scout Jamboree

    NASA at the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree

    07.28.10 - There's power in numbers. And with tens of thousands Boy Scouts and leaders celebrating 100 years of 'Scouting in America,' this year's event is a 10-day dream come true.

  • Digital and thermal images of the Butterfly Nebula

    Making the Universe Touchable  →

    07.27.10 - Check out the monthly do-it-yourself tactile astronomy images that you can download and print.

  • A star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud

    The Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 18 Call for Proposals  →

    The HST Cycle Grant Program encourages collaboration between space scientists and educators that would broaden the knowledge of the latest discoveries by the telescope. Deadline is Aug. 25, 2010.