NASA Virtual Visits - Videoconferencing
Picture of two students watching a videoconference of a NASA scientist. Image: Two students enjoy a videoconference from NASA Glenn's LTP.

The NASA Glenn Research Center Learning Technologies Project (LTP) offers videoconferencing connections between teachers and students and NASA scientists, engineers, researchers, and education specialists. They have the capability to connect to most videoconferencing networks. NASA's ISDN videoconferencing system is compatible with the following video protocols: H.320 (most equipment meets this standard), H.CTX, H.CTXP, CTX, CTXP, and H.323. Conferences can be viewed with PictureTel, VTel, Poly Com, or CLI equipment. IP (H.323) and ISDN (H.320) videoconferences are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. There are limits to the number of videoconferences that can be delivered per month.

Upcoming Programs

  • June 20th - 21st Century Girls Career Program

  • June 30th - Space and the Solar System

  • July 10th - Out of Control

  • July 17th - Out of Control

  • July 24th - Out of Control

  • July 31st - Robotics in Space

  • August 7th - Robotics in Space

  • August 14th - Robotics in Space

You can learn more at NASA Glenn Research Center Learning Technologies Project (LTP).