Saturn Observation Campaign

Saturn as seen on January 11, 2004. In this view, south is at the top. Image Credit: Ed Grafton, Assistant Coordinator for the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers

Welcome to the Saturn Observation Campaign. This program gives sky enthusiasts of all abilities the opportunity to share the splendor of Saturn with their local community.

Saturn and its majestic rings make an annual trek through the night sky, allowing ground-based observers to enjoy stunning telescopic views of the planet.

Through the Saturn Observation Campaign, we hope to share this spectacular planet with as many people as possible. The campaign's objective is to create opportunities for professional and amateur astronomers to engage the public in the excitement of astronomy, using telescopes and the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn.

The Saturn Observation Campaign offers a variety of program elements for local community leaders, classroom educators, youth group leaders and sky enthusiasts.

Campaign participants are planning events right now. To participate in a viewing event, or to host a Saturn viewing at your school, youth, or community event, locate the SOC participant closest to your local community.

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