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Communicating the world of infrared astronomy to the public is the main topic of the "Cool Cosmos" portal but certainly not its only goal. In the past few years the "Cool Cosmos" team has created a wide variety of educational products that explain the infrared as well as the multi-wavelength universe. They have produced a suite of award-winning Web sites (coolcosmos.ipac.caltech.edu) that speak to audiences as varied as kindergarteners to amateur astronomers.

Cartoon image of two young people talking
Image to right: To stimulate interest for their young audience, the "Cool Cosmos" portal has created a fun, animated introduction page to their collection of short "Ask an Astronomer" videos.
Credit: "Cool Cosmos"

The "Cool Cosmos" portal endeavors to engage the young minds of future generations of scientists. The continuous positive response from the public has been an absolute motivation to create new and innovative methods to reach them. The "Cool Cosmos" team is a dynamic group that has made its vocation to revive the interest, excite the dreams and hopefully answer some of the questions to satiate the public thirst for knowledge of Space and NASA missions.

Over the years, astronomers at the Spitzer Science Center (SSC) and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) have all been asked questions, not only about their missions and infrared light, but also about astronomy in general. So the "Cool Cosmos" team has created the "Ask an Astronomer" video collection. In this series of videos, astronomers answer a plethora of questions that have been posed over the years. The "Ask an Astronomer" videos present a fresh look on astronomy with an extensive use of multimedia platforms and state of the art graphics and animations.

Visible light and infrared photographs of a volcano erupting
Image to left: An example of several videos which simultaneously show the visible and infrared views of the geothermal features found in Yellowstone National Park.
Credit: "Cool Cosmos"

Another great hit in the "Cool Cosmos" video collections is the Yellowstone and Hawaii Volcanoes series. In this collection, you will find videos that show several visible and infrared views of the geothermal features found in Yellowstone National Park. In this video collection, viewers can see Old Faithful in a new and different light! At the same address you will also find videos from the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The Hawaiian Islands sit on one of Earth's "hot spots," and so has some spectacular volcanism. These movies were shot during a recent cycle of eruption.

Enjoy visiting the Yellowstone and Hawaii Volcanoes Video Collection http://coolcosmos.ipac.caltech.edu/videos/ir_yellowstone/index.html#hawaii


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