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NASA Student Ambassadors

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NASA has inducted more than 80 high-performing interns into a new virtual community.

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    Algebra 2 Series

    Algebra 2 is a course where students expand on their knowledge of algebraic thinking and symbolic reasoning to better understand the structure of Algebra. Functions and equations are used for analysis and understanding relationships among algebraic concepts. The Applications in Algebra 2 Series gives the students the opportunity to make connections between algebra and geometry and use one to help solve the other.

Algebra 2

  • Lights on the International Space Station

    Lights on the International Space Station

    Algebra 2
    Students will perform a hands-on activity to explore the inverse relationship of illumination to distance and then calculate the number of lights needed in a module on the ISS.

  • Newton's Cool in the Pool

    Newton's Cool in the Pool

    Algebra 2
    Astronauts use the NBL for training and refining spacewalks. Students will analyze the temperature change in the pool after a power outage using Newton’s Law of Cooling.

  • Communications and the Lunar Outpost

    Communications and the Lunar Outpost

    Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus
    Students will apply mathematics formulas to calculate various geometric measures in the relationships between the height of a lunar communication tower and the tower’s communications range.

Career Profiles

  • Co-op student standing in front of a space shuttle

    So You Want to Work for NASA...

    This resource page provides information about some of the careers NASA has to offer and the opportunities available for students.

Exploration Interactives