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Algebra 1

Key Topic: slope, linear equations, systems of linear equations, x-intercept, y-intercept

Astronauts wear a spacesuit when they leave the pressurized vehicle to perform spacewalks. Some of the key features of the spacesuit are breathable air and heating and cooling control. Students will perform a brainstorming activity to create critical components of a spacesuit. Students will also evaluate the oxygen usage of two astronauts performing a spacewalk using linear equation concepts.

Students will
  • identify slope and the effects of a change in slope, and determine what slope means in a problem situation;
  • find the x-intercept, y-intercept, and determine what they represent in a problem situation;
  • create linear equations given y-intercept and slope;
  • solve linear equations and systems of linear equations using the substitution method and the graphing calculator; and
  • work in cooperative learning groups to communicate mathematical ideas in a team environment.

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