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Algebra 1

Key Topic: slope, linear regression, linear equations, y-intercept

Aspects of spacewalks performed on the International Space Station are monitored by an Extra-Vehicular Activities officer. The pressurized spacesuit worn by astronauts during a spacewalk is officially known as an Extra-vehicular Mobility Unit, or EMU. One of the key components on the EMU is breathable air. Students will use previous oxygen usage data from two astronauts to predict if these astronauts can complete an upcoming spacewalk.

Students will
  • write a regression equation and interpret the meaning of the slope and y-intercepts in the context of the problem;
  • make predictions based on the correct mathematical models; and
  • solve linear equations.


Note: This particular activity requires the use of TI-Nspire™ technology to be used successfully.

Files for use with the TI-Nspire™
› Spacewalking TI_Nspire Education Edition ( PDF 304 KB)
› Spacewalking TI_Nspire Student Edition (PDF 353 KB)
Note: The following files are software specific files for Texas Instrument Nspire calculators.
› Spacewalking TI_Nspire Document (TNS 207 KB)
› Spacewalking TI_Nspire Solution Document (TNS 212 KB)