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Algebra 1

Key Topic: Slope, linear equations, direct variation, independent and dependent variables, different representations of a function

Students will identify a direct variation, solve linear equations, and create tables based on the exercise equipment provided for astronauts on long duration missions on the International Space Station (ISS) in order to maintain their fitness to perform mission objectives and to return to Earth without serious health complications.

Students will
  • identify direct variation from ordered pairs by calculating the constant of variation;
  • calculate slope from two points using the slope formula;
  • determine independent and dependent variables;
  • solve linear equations; and
  • create tables.

Prerequisites: Students should have prior knowledge of direct variation, the constant of variation, linear functions, different representations of a linear function, the properties of a linear function, calculating slope, and solving linear equations.

Exercising in Space Educator Edition (592 KB)
Exercising in Space Student Edition (283 KB)