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Algebra 1

Key Topic: Linear Equations and Functions

Students will explore slope and y-intercept and solve linear equations while investigating the risks of increased loss of Bone Mineral Density, or BMD, when the human body is in the reduced gravity of space compared to Earth's 1 g environment.

Students will
  • explore slope and the effects of a change of slope;
  • recognize slope and y-intercept from key words;
  • identify the y-intercept and interpret its meaning in a real world situation;
  • write linear equations in slope-intercept form;
  • calculate values using percents and proportional relationships;
  • solve linear equations; and
  • create tables from words.

Prerequisites: Students should have prior knowledge of functions, different representations of a linear function, properties of a linear function, and slope intercept form.

Lost in Space: Bone Density Educator Edition (536 KB)
Lost in Space: Bone Density Student Edition (427 KB)