NASA and Earth Science Week 2009
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Use the resources on this page to help celebrate Earth Science Week taking place Oct. 11-17, 2009. Image Credit: NASA

The theme of this year's Earth Science Week -- "Understanding Climate" -- promotes scientific understanding of a timely and vital topic: Earth's climate.

Earth Science Week is conducted annually by the American Geological Institute in cooperation with various sponsors, including NASA. A number of NASA resources and activities will be available to educators and students before, during and after this special week, which takes place Oct. 11-17, 2009.

Oceans: The Great Unknown

Oceanographer Gene Feldman answers questions about a recent trip to the Galapagos Islands. He tells how he first became interested in the oceans and gives advice to young scientists.

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Delaney's Digital World

Scientist-turned-educator Marcianna Delaney leads a NASA team that uses technology to bring science to the classroom.
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Activities and Resources Guide

NASA education activities and resources support the goal of this year's Earth Science Week: to promote scientific understanding of Earth's climate. Find out more, including information about an Oct. 14 webcast, at Earth Science Week 2009: Understanding Climate.

More at climate.nasa.gov/esw

NASA's Global Climate Change Web site features a variety of resources for educators and students, including "Tides of Change," a five-part video series on the connection between ocean and climate to be released during Earth Science Week. Find out more at climate.nasa.gov/esw   → .

Dan Stillman, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies