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Do-It-Yourself Podcast

Whether you are uploading episodes to your podcast, assigning multimedia projects or "flipping" your classroom, the Do-It-Yourself Podcast site lets you enhance your project with exciting NASA footage. The video and audio clips on this site feature astronauts doing experiments on the International Space Station and NASA experts explaining scientific concepts. You and your students can use these clips to create a number of different multimedia projects such as movies, audio recordings, eBooks or slideshows.

Reasons to Use NASA's Do-It-Yourself Podcast

How It Works

A laptop with an arrow pointing downward on the screen Download NASA video or audio clips
NASA provides topical collections of copyright-free video clips, audio clips and images. Students choose the multimedia they want for their projects.

A pencil and a notepad with a drawing of a light bulb Write a production script
Using the background information provided or their own research, students write a script.

A microphone and swirling cord Record a narration
Students already have the devices -- camcorder, tablet, smart phone or computer -- to capture narrations, interviews, demonstrations or scenes.

An electronic tablet with images on it Edit the product
Free or inexpensive editing software and apps allow students to mix audio or video with NASA’s and add flourishes to their creation.
Podcast icon Share it
When students complete their product, they can upload it to a website or a social media site to share with the world. Create an RSS feed to automatically deliver the episodes to subscribers of your podcast.


Get Started

Choose the topic module that best fits your school’s curriculum. The DIY Podcast blog offers teacher tips and production ideas.

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