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Recycling: Images

These images link to pages with larger photos. Click on an image below. Find that photo on the new page, and click to see if a larger or higher-resolution image is available. Right click the image (Control + click on a Mac) and "Save image as" to download it to your computer.

NASA Recycles logo with photo collage of an astronaut, view of Earth, an eagle, a U.S. flag, the space station, a galaxy and space shuttle launch
Man stands near a conveyor belt that is covered with small pieces of rubber

Aerial view of the Environmental Control and Life Support Systems Test Facility

NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams working on the Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly, a portion of the life support system

Claw machine drops trash onto a large pile

View from space of Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle returning to Earth

Three crew members hold space station drink bags

Diagram of flow of air and water recycling on the space station

Earth's water cycle as a closed system

A woman, man and child sample fresh water


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