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NASA's BEST -- Activity Guides

Girls engaged in a BEST activityNASA's BEST activities focus on teaching the engineering design process. Each activity features objectives, a list of materials, educator information, procedures and student worksheets. All activities are intended for student teams. Ideally, each team would consist of three or four students. The content in the guides can be used to supplement curricula during the school day or as activities for after-school clubs. Educators may use the materials as a set or as individual activities. The activities keep material costs to a reasonable limit by using materials often found in the classroom or at home.

 Audience: Educators
 Grade Level: K-8
 Product Numbers:
 Engineering  K-2: EG-2011-3-036-GSFC
 Engineering  3-5: EG-2011-3-035-GSFC
 Engineering  6-8: EG-2011-3-034-GSFC
 Technology   5-8: EG-2013-11-128-MSFC

 Download NASA's BEST activity guides and educational videos below.

Engineering Design Process

  PDF Video
Educator's Guide -- Grades K-2 View [13MB]  
Educator's Guide -- Grades 3-5 View [13MB]  
Educator's Guide -- Grades 6-8 View [13MB]  
NASA's BEST -- Graphing   Watch or
NASA's BEST -- Repeatability   Watch or 
NASA's BEST -- Living on the Moon   Watch or 


Technology Demonstration Missions

  Web Page
Next Generation Activity Guide -- Grades 5-8 Go to page


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