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  • A space-themed collage showing a woman looking at the Hubble Space Telescope

    Gold Star Winners in NASA's Top Stars Contest

    06.01.11 - "Gold Star" winners demonstrate inspiring uses of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in education.

  • The words The Space Shuttle Experience with picture of Earth, moon, stars and shuttle in background

    Space Shuttle Experience  →

    Participate in a variety of interactive experiences to learn how the Space Shuttle Program affects your daily life.

  • Debra Sea with Apollo 14 moon rock

    The Power of A Moon Rock

    05.20.11 - Seeing a moon rock as a young girl made Debra Sea feel that anything was possible, and she wanted this generation to experience that feeling.

  • Jenay Sharp Leach holds a small shuttle part

    NASA Einstein Fellows

    02.23.12 - Einstein Fellows bring practical insight to NASA's education programs and gain a new understanding of national education issues.

  • A student observes the results of an experiment while her teacher looks on

    One Last Student Endeavour

    04.26.11 - Through the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program, 16 communities will take part in the final flight of space shuttle Endeavour.

  • The STS-134 crew in orange launch and entry suits

    STS-134 Space Shuttle Mission: Resources for Educators

    Find educational resources and information on NASA's STS-134 mission and crew.

  • Golden orb spider

    Spiders in Space -- The Sequel!

    Two golden orb spiders are hitching a ride to the space station aboard space shuttle Endeavour. Read more about the experiment to study the spiders and how classrooms can participate.

  • Students present their NASA-based investigation

    NASA Explorer Schools Dare Students to Dream

    05.11.11 - About 60 fourth- through 12th-grade students and their teachers participate in the 2011 NASA Explorer Schools Symposium at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

  • Global Carbon Cycle graphic

    Workshop Preps Educators to Train Next-Gen Carbon Researchers

    05.12.11 - Hands-on activities make understanding the carbon cycle easier for teachers of all levels.

  • Collecting specimens in the Mojave desert.

    NASA's Spaceward Bound Takes Teachers Across Desert

    05.06.11 - What on Earth are the clues NASA scientists use to help them deduce that there may be life on other planets?

  • An image of Earth with the words The Home Frontier

    The Home Frontier

    NASA asks you to share your inspiring vision about what NASA's exploration of Earth means to you. Video entries are due May 27, 2011.

  • This image shows a group of children looking up at the sky after a model rocket launch.

    Imagination Fascination, Alive and Well

    04.22.11 - NASA has proof that kids still get excited by the basics of science. Let their energy inspire you.

  • Leland Melvin and Pharrell Williams.

    When NASA and Pharrell Align, Students Shine

    04.25.11 - The on-stage pairing of recording artist and three-time Grammy Award-winning producer Pharrell Williams and NASA's Associate Administrator for Education and former Astronaut Leland Melvin, displayed infinite possibilities for an upcoming generation.

  • John Brendel standing beside a large test gun

    NASA and Scouting

    04.12.11 - NASA recognizes Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts earning the prestigious Eagle Scout and Gold Award.

  • Students and a large inflatable astronaut

    Celebrating Space Day in Austin  →

    NASA's Undergraduate Student Research Project helps to bring the Space Day theme "Destination Station" to life for students in Austin, Texas.

  • Golden Record

    Golden Record Ideas

    The Voyager spacecraft carries a Golden Record of information about humans and Earth. Submit your students’ ideas for what they would include on a new Golden Record.

  • NASA's Ed Weiler uses the Science on a Sphere exhibit to make a presentation to Queen Elizabeth

    Agencies Join Forces for Climate Education

    04.08.11 - NASA, NOAA and the NSF have joined forces in an effort to streamline climate education into something that is relatable, recognizable and effective.

  • The NASA logo next to the words Behind The Scenes

    Behind the Scenes Videos

    From astronaut potty training to a unique view beneath the shuttle, veteran astronaut Mike Massimino takes you behind the scenes at NASA.

  • FIRST Robotics logo

    The 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition

    Find out how NASA is participating in the 2011 FIRST Robotics competition.

  • Musical notes and the words SPACE ROCK

    Space Rock  →

    Vote for your favorite original song to wake up space shuttle Commander Mark Kelly and his five crewmates during their STS-134 mission to the International Space Station. Cast your vote online!