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  • Artist's concept of Voyager 1

    Missions Beyond Our Solar System  →

    Find images, key dates and facts about the Voyager missions.

  • FIRST Robotics logo

    The 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition

    Find out how NASA is participating in the 2011 FIRST Robotics competition.

  • Sendai, Japan

    NASA Coverage of the March 2011 Japanese Earthquake

    Find the latest NASA images of Japan. Read articles about how the earthquake and tsunami affected Japan and even may have shortened Earth days.

  • Portraits of women engineers

    Engineer Girl  →

    Learn more about women in the engineering field. The site has college-prep suggestions and homework tips to help students choose coursework that will prepare them for an engineering education.

  • Monkey Baker poses on a model of the Jupiter rocket, May 29, 1959

    A Brief History of Animals in Space  →

    American and Russian scientists used animals -- mainly monkeys, chimps and dogs -- to test each country's ability to launch a living organism into space and bring it back alive and unharmed.

  • Robonaut 2 holds a 20-pound weight

    Robonaut 2

    The STS-133 crew will take the first robot resident to the International Space Station.

  • Robonaut 2 lifts a 20-pound weight

    What Is Robonaut?  →

    Learn more about this robotic helper that's heading to the space station on the STS-133 mission. See pictures of Robonaut, become a fan on Facebook and follow along on Twitter.

  • Balloonsat Logo

    Balloonsat High Altitude Flight Student Competition  →

    Proposals are due Feb. 11, 2011, for this competition to send an experiment to the edge of space.

  • Our Solar System

    Solar System Exploration  →

    This site has facts, figures and links about planets, asteroids, meteors, meteorites, meteoroids, comets and the Kuiper Belt.

  • Drawing of a house during an eclipse

    Eclipse Facts  →

    Find little known facts about solar eclipses.

  • Global Ice Viewer

    Global Ice Viewer

    See how climate change has affected glaciers and other ice on Earth.

  • The NASA logo next to the words Behind The Scenes

    Behind the Scenes Videos

    From astronaut potty training to a unique view beneath the shuttle, veteran astronaut Mike Massimino takes you behind the scenes at NASA.

  • Space shuttle Discovery launches for the STS-95 mission

    Space Shuttle Discovery

    Learn more about the orbiter that will take the STS-133 crew to the space station.

  • A collage of the moon, distant stars and chemistry diagrams

    Math and Science @ Work

    This site engages advanced high school students by providing real-world applications to promote critical thinking and problem-solving while exposing students to careers in space exploration.

  • Space shuttle Discovery

    Space Shuttle Reference Manual  →

    Do you want to know how the shuttle works? This document details all aspects of the space shuttle, including systems descriptions, operations and mission events.

  • John Glenn climbs into the Friendship 7 capsule

    Historic Image Collection Unveiled Online

    NASA has teamed up with Flickr and Internet Archive to bring more than half a century of NASA history alive through historic photos online.

  • Two students and astronaut Roger Crouch watch as a student spins a bicycle wheel gyroscope

    NASA Launches New NES Project

    Register today to be a part of the new NASA Explorer Schools project aimed at middle and high school classrooms. The project launches Sept. 1, 2010.

  • Digital Learning Network

    NASA's Digital Learning Network

    Free, interactive videoconferencing and webcasts allow you and your students to participate with NASA.

  • Artist's illustration of the Chandra telescope

    Chandra 101: Overview for Teachers and Students  →

    This site provides basic information about topics pertaining to the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Many sections contain links to more detailed information.

  • Launch of space shuttle Atlantis

    Fly Your Face in Space  →

    Visit this site before the launch to upload an image to be flown aboard the final space shuttle mission. Check back after the launch to print your flight certificate, check on mission status, find NASA educational resources and follow the crew on Twitter and Facebook.