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Tree House Detectives Solve the Case of the Great Space Exploration
Kimberly W. Land
Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.
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Release No. 04-057

NASA's challenge to explore the moon, Mars and beyond has created excitement in the tree house. The detectives are setting off to Space Camp to learn what it takes to become space explorers.

On their journey to learn about future crewed and robotic missions, the six tree house detectives will visit NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, Johnson Space Center in Texas, Ames Research Center in California, and the University of California, at Santa Barbara.

"The Case of the Great Space Exploration," the first program of the NASA SCI Files™ 2004-2005 season, airs on 384 PBS, instructional television and cable access stations nationwide at 11 a.m. EDT Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Christy Carlson Romano, the voice of the lead character in Disney's animated series "Kim Possible," helps blast off the new school year as she opens the show as celebrity guest. Romano's voice is the lead in Disney Channel's daytime Emmy®-nominated series "Even Stevens," and she has a featured track, "Say The Word," on the "Kim Possible" soundtrack CD.

The NASA SCI Files™ is an Emmy®-award winning distance learning series that introduces students in grades 3 through 5 to the world of science, scientific inquiry, research and NASA. The series integrates mathematics, science, and technology through the use of problem-based learning, scientific inquiry and the scientific method. "The Case of the Great Space Exploration" seeks to motivate students to become critical thinkers and active problem-solvers.

Produced by NASA Langley's Office of Education, NASA SCI Files™ has about 135,000 educators that are registered users. These teachers represent 4.1 million students across the nation.

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