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Senior Official to Share Exploration Vision
Jonas Dino
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.
Phone: 650/207-3280 or 650/604-9000

Release: 04-10AR

Students at NASA's North Las Vegas Explorer School will soon hear first hand about their opportunity to participate in the president's bold vision for exploring the solar system.

On Feb. 19, 2004, G. Scott Hubbard, director of NASA Ames Research Center, located in California's Silicon Valley, will visit the Jim Bridger Middle School in North Las Vegas, Nev. Hubbard will share his insights on the current Mars rover missions and NASA's new direction for human and robotic exploration. He hopes to inspire the students to pursue careers in science, mathematics and technology so that they can become the nation's space explorers and forward thinkers of tomorrow.

"As NASA moves forward to carry out the president's new vision for space exploration, it is essential that we excite our youth about the thrilling opportunities that are opening up for them," said Hubbard. "NASA is committed to working in partnership with our schools, to create exciting new learning environments. America has always been a nation of explorers, but we can't possibly turn this vision into reality without the enthusiastic involvement of our young people."

Hubbard is well suited to address this topic, having served as NASA's first Mars Exploration program director and as a key architect of NASA's Mars exploration road map. Recently, Hubbard was the sole NASA representative on the Columbia Accident Investigation Board that cited the need for a new national space exploration vision.

"We are extremely excited to have Scott Hubbard visit our school to share what NASA's vision for the future of space exploration holds for our students," said Carol Erbach, assistant principal at Jim Bridger Middle School. "The visit gives us the opportunity to show how we have incorporated the NASA program into our curriculum and how we have used current events to excite students at our Mars yard."

The Jim Bridger Middle School is a part of NASA's Explorer Schools program, a three-year partnership of scientific and engineering adventures to engage students using unique NASA resources and capabilities. The program is designed to give students the foundation and inspiration to pursue careers in science, mathematics and technology.

"I wouldn't be surprised if one of these students becomes the first astronaut to explore Mars," said Donald James, education director at NASA Ames. "Many of NASA's employees, including the agency's astronauts, can trace their desire to work at NASA to a classroom visit by a NASA employee or a field trip to a NASA center or exhibit," said James.

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