Senior NASA Official and Utah Governor to Visit Explorer School
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, Calif.

Jonas Dino
Phone: 650/604-5612

Daryl Kirby
Governor's Office, Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone: 801/538-8812

News Release: 04-51AR

On June 2, 2004, NASA Assistant Administrator Lee Forsgren and Utah Governor Olene Walker will share the spotlight to inspire students at Wendover Junior/Senior High School in Wendover, Utah, to reach for their dreams. Accompanying Forsgren and Walker will be NASA Astronaut Sandra Magnus.

Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Schedule: 10:00 a.m. MDT Opening Remarks
10:15 a.m. MDT Vision for Space Exploration presentation by NASA Assistant Administrator Lee Forsgren and astronaut Sandra Magnus
11:20 a.m. MDT Student Scholarships, Awards and Recognitions by Governor Olene Walker

Who: NASA Assistant Administrator Lee Forsgren, Utah Governor Olene Walker and astronaut Sandra Magnus

Where: Wendover Junior/Senior High School, 110 Wildcat Blvd., Wendover, Utah

"As NASA moves forward in its quest to explore Mars and beyond, it's important for us to energize and excite the next generation about the possibilities," said Forsgren. "We must create learning environments that will nurture the first human beings, from all segments of our society, who will become explorers of the universe."

During their visit, Forsgren and Magnus will talk with students about America's destiny as explorers, NASA's stepping-stone approach to exploring Earth, the moon, Mars and beyond, how space impacts our lives and how people and machines rely on each other in space.

Walker will recognize students for their outstanding achievements in the past year and the Governor's Initiative on Families Today (GIFT) organization will present scholarships to several students.

Forsgren is the assistant administrator for NASA's Legislative Affairs Office, Washington. His office devises and implements legislative strategy to carry out NASA initiatives requiring congressional action. Before joining NASA, Forsgren was a special counsel for government relations for a Gulf Coast-based law firm and served on the Bush-Cheney Transportation Advisory Committee.

Magnus joined the astronaut corps in 1996 as a mission specialist after earning her doctorate in materials and engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Magnus flew aboard space shuttle mission STS-112 in 2002, where she operated the shuttle's robotic arm on three spacewalks to outfit and activate new components on the International Space Station. The mission included 170 orbits of Earth, traveling 4.5 million miles in 10 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.

News media interested in arranging an interview with Forsgren and Magnus in conjunction with their visit to Wendover Junior/Senior High School should contact Jonas Dino of NASA Ames Research Center at 650/604-5612 by June 1, 2004. All news media representatives will be required to sign in at the school's main office prior to entering the campus.

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