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Welcome to NASA's page for educators. NASA is committed to inspiring the next generation of explorers and innovators. We are dedicated to offering educators essential NASA-related educational resources and information.
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2006 First Robotics Competition

The FIRST Robotics Competition is an exciting, multinational competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way.

first robotics
Watch Robotics Teams Battle for Championship Trophy April 28-29, 2006
Part rock concert and part sporting event, the excitement of FIRST Robotics competitions is undeniable.
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Photograph of a group of students holding a sign with the team number 1266 in red
Students Aim High
Student-built robots battled it out in a regional robotics competition.
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Astronaut Don Thomas chats with students and signs autographs
Robots Battle in the Buckeye State
More than 40 robots rallied in Cleveland, Ohio, for an intense tournament.
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robots compete in basketball tournament
Students Win Robotics Basketball Tournament
It may not be the final four, but it's definitely an exciting time for some Southern California high school students who won a regional game of robotics basketball.
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Students cheer at the 2006 FIRST regional competition
Students and Robots Invade Orlando
Kennedy Space Center co-sponsored the 2006 FIRST Robotics Florida regional competition.
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06.28.06 - International Student Robotics Competition to Air on NASA TV
Footage of the fifth international student remotely operated vehicle (ROV) competition will air on NASA Television starting today.
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06.21.06 - Students’ Robots to Take Place of Spacewalkers in NASA Pool
Normally used to train spacewalking astronauts, one of the world’s largest indoor pools at, NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, instead will test the skills this weekend of more than 40 student-built robots from around the world.
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04.25.06 - Top Robotics Team Battle for International Championship
After 33 grueling regional tournaments, the top high school robotics teams from the United States and abroad will battle for pride and glory and NASA will be there to broadcast the excitement.
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04.17.06 - Student Robotic Engineers Gather at NASA-Sponsored Tournament
Future engineers and computer scientists will demonstrate their robotics skills during the NASA-sponsored ninth annual northern California Botball Robotics Tournament.
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03.13.06 - High School Robotics Engineers Battle in Silicon Valley Regional
Forty teams from northern California, Hawaii and Montana will compete for points and pride at the FIRST robotics Silicon Valley Regional on March 16-18, 2006.
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03.10.06 - NASA Previews Robotics Engineers of the Future
NASA will be cheering as thousands of students test their engineering skills for robotics supremacy.
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03.09.06 - NASA Supports Chesapeake Regional First Robotics Competition
More than 60 high school teams from 12 states will participate in the Chesapeake Regional FIRST Robotics Competition.
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03.03.06 - High School Teams "Aim High" in Robotics Competition
Forty-two high school teams compete with robots they designed and built in a fast-paced game at the 2006 FIRST Buckeye Robotics Competition.
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02.15.06 - NASA Sponsors Local School in Robotics Competition
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02.15.06 - NASA Sponsors Local School in Robotics Competition
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02.15.06 - NASA Sponsors Local School in Robotics Competition
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FIRST Robotics Competition
The FIRST 2006 competition will reach more than 28,000 high-school-aged students on over 1125 teams in 33 regional events. The competitions are high-tech spectator sporting events, the result of lots of brainstorming, teamwork, mentoring, project timelines, and deadlines.
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Robotics Alliance Project
For the past 11 years, the NASA Robotics Education Project has been supporting participation in FIRST by providing grants to high school teams as well as sponsoring FIRST Regional Competitions.
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FIRST Regional Webcasts
Check out what FIRST Regional Competitions will be available to watch live through webcast or NASA TV.
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Robotics Curriculum Clearinghouse
NASA offers educators an online collection of featured robotics curricula ranging from full courses to single lesson plans that can be readily incorporated into classroom activities.
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BEST Robotics Inc.
BEST is a nonprofit, volunteer organization whose mission is to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology through participation in a sports-like, science- and engineering-based robotics competition.
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Botball is a hands-on robotics experience that teaches students the practical applications of science, technology, engineering and math.
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NASA's FIRST Robotics Championship Archives
Check out the previous competitions in which NASA participated.
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