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Making NASA History
Joseph Meyer and Jessica Brodsky wearing mock-up spacesuits

During their internship at NASA Headquarters, Jessica Brodsky and Joseph Meyer created a video highlighting key moments in NASA history. Image Credit: NASA

Jessica Brodsky and Joseph Meyer didn't know what to expect during their NASA Headquarters internship this summer, but they soon found out that they wouldn't be filing papers and making coffee. Instead, for more than two months, Meyer and Brodsky worked for NASA's History Program Office diligently creating an interactive Web page about artifacts on the moon, an iTunesU site, and their prized accomplishment, the "Making NASA History" video.

"Making NASA History" is a 12-minute video introducing the key moments in the history of the American space program. Combining historical footage, photographs and audio files, Meyer and Brodsky narrated the video all while wearing mock-up spacesuits.

"The goal of this video is to inspire both kids and adults to appreciate and learn more about NASA's many accomplishments in space exploration and aeronautics," Brodsky said.

Brodsky wrote, directed and produced the video, while Meyer acted alongside her.

The history video was one of the interns' many achievements during their time at NASA. Their NASA friends and colleagues have recognized and applauded their hard work.

"This summer, Jessica and Joey have made a huge impact on our social media and outreach efforts," said NASA Chief Historian Bill Barry. "Jessica noticed that we didn't have anything that made NASA history easily accessible to middle schoolers. She and Joey have filled that gap beautifully. We are going to miss them, but expect that we'll hear more about their accomplishments in the future."

Brodsky, who attends Brown University in Providence, R.I., hopes to work for NASA one day; and Meyer, who attends Amherst College in Amherst, Mass., would like to work in space law or policy. Their NASA experiences are stepping stones to their future, and the interns expressed nothing but gratitude for their summer internships.

"I just wanted to emphasize that I really appreciate that the History Program Office gave me the opportunity to create this video," Brodsky said. "I hope kids and adults will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!"

› View the "Making NASA History" video

Sasha Congiu: NASA LaRC Public Affairs Office