Music Video: Take AIM at Climate Change
Jene and Tommy Boots in front of an image of Earth

The "Take AIM at Climate Change" video features Tommy Boots, Jené and friends. Image Credit: NASA

Looking for a new way to introduce or spur discussion of climate change in the classroom?

"Take AIM at Climate Change," a new music video inspired by contemporary rap and hip-hop, aims to communicate the science of climate change, raise awareness of the issue and of the importance of polar research, and encourage actions to adapt to and mitigate the effects of global warming. ("AIM" stands for "adapt, innovate and mitigate.")

The video, with music by "Rhythm, Rhyme, Results," is available online. The video features images of polar bears, penguins and melting ice. It also presents NASA visualizations depicting processes driving changes in Earth's climate. The lyrics touch on topics ranging from carbon dioxide emissions to conservation to green technology.
So use that brain, and make science a priority
And you can work on stopping global warming with authority.

We need smarter ideas for sustainable policies
New technologies for a new green economy.
Annotated lyrics reviewed by polar experts -- with scientific explanations, additional background information and links to related resources -- are available online for educators to use in conjunction with the video.

The video is directed and produced by Polar-Palooza, a multimedia effort to explain the importance of the polar areas and clear up misconceptions some people may have about them. The National Science Foundation and NASA sponsor Polar-Palooza, which Passport to Knowledge produces.

As part of Polar-Palooza, a traveling team of polar scientists and Alaskan residents has been presenting "Stories From a Changing Planet" at science centers and museums across the nation since fall 2007. With the video, "we wanted to come up with something that might engage and excite younger audiences," said Geoff Haines Stiles, Polar-Palooza project director. "That's what we hope 'Take AIM' will do -- with the annotated lyrics helping extend the exploration of the poles and climate change online."

Polar-Palooza is an official activity of the International Polar Year, a coordinated effort by the international science and education communities from March 2007 to March 2009 to learn more about the polar regions and their role in global processes. Another goal of the International Polar Year is to attract a new generation of scientists and engineers with the skills and imagination to tackle complex global issues.

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Dan Stillman, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies