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  • Cloud formation model

    Clouds Educator Guide

    04.07.09 - Students work as weather interns in the "State Climatology Office" to investigate cloud formation, cloud classification, and the role of clouds in heating and cooling.

  • Trees blowing during a hurricane

    The Case of the Phenomenal Weather Videos

    03.24.09 - Ten video clips from NASA SCIFiles explore cloud formation, tropical storms, hurricanes and hurricane hunters. Visit NASA scientists to learn about the causes and consequences of hurricanes.

  • STS-119 crew formal portrait

    STS-119 Space Shuttle Mission: Resources for Educators

    02.02.09 - Find educational resources and information on NASA's STS-119 mission and crew.

  • March 2009 IYA logo

    Night Sky Planner for March 2009  →

    03.03.09 - The March theme during the International Year of Astronomy is "Observing at Night ... and in the Day." The featured activity is "Light Pollution and Shielding."

  • Astronaut working to repair solar arrays on the International Space Station during a space walk

    Solar Energy for Space Exploration

    02.18.09 - What powers the International Space Station? In a problem-based learning activity, learners study energy, power and circuits; design a solar energy system; and learn about solar panels on the station.

  • Two coffee cans sitting near heat lamps for an experiment

    Hands-on Activity in Spacesuit Design

    02.10.09 - Students at the Rice School demonstrate an experiment to find how different colors and materials absorb or reflect heat.

  • DIY Podcast

    Do-It-Yourself Podcast

    Create your own podcast with NASA video and audio clips.

  • The planet Mars above the words No Boundaries

    No Boundaries Project and Student Contest  →

    04.07.09 - NASA has teamed with USA TODAY Education to challenge students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The contest deadline is May 15, 2009.

  • Exploring the Extreme Universe Lithograph

    GLAST Exploring the Extreme Universe Lithograph

    02.03.09 - The GLAST lithograph features an activity and information highlighting the Fermi mission that will study gamma rays in the universe.

  • Asteroid 433 Eros

    Ceres and Pluto: Dwarf Planets

    01.27.09 - This lesson plan uses direct vocabulary instruction to help students understand the new definitions of "planet" and "dwarf planet."

  • Mission controllers look at video monitors of the shuttle landing


    01.21.09 - Challenge your students to start planning for their future. Activities, articles and resources on this page encourage students to set goals and learn about some of the many careers at NASA.

  • Three training participants look at materials about the solar system

    Afterschool Universe

    01.06.09 - A NASA-sponsored astronomy program for middle school students targets settings outside the normal school day.

  • A page from the Buzz Lightyear Toys in Space Activity

    Buzz Lightyear Toys in Space Activity

    12.16.08 - Challenge your students to observe how toys work on Earth and then predict how they will work in the microgravity environment of the space shuttle.

  • engineers with Mars Science Laboratory

    NASA Invites Students to Name New Mars Rover

    11.18.08 - NASA is looking for the right stuff, or in this case, the right name for the next Mars rover.

  • Explorers working on the moon

    Why Return to the Moon Before Going to Mars?  →

    11.18.08 - Returning to the moon will prepare NASA for long-term stays on other worlds. This mini unit includes a video, a lesson that simulates mining ilmenite to obtain oxygen on the moon, and a quiz.

  • The base of the Ares V before and after the TPS is added

    Thermal Protection Systems Educator Guide

    11.10.09 - The space shuttle and its replacement, the Ares rocket, must be insulated from extreme temperatures. Students design, build and test a system that will protect their simulated rocket from heat.

  • Cover of the Water Filtration Challenge Educator Guide

    NEW! ECLSS Water Filtration Guide

    11.04.08 - Students use science, math and critical thinking skills to design, build and test a water filtration system.

  • An instructor teaching two teachers at computers

    Envisioning Science

    10.28.08 - A NASA team has developed software to help students who are visually impaired "see" Earth.

  • Cover page of Space Math I

    Space Math I and II

    10.21.08 - These educator guides contain collections of mathematics and reading activities that explore the sun-Earth system.

  • The front cover of the Lunar Nautics educator guide

    Lunar Nautics Educator Guide

    10.15.08 - Students will design, test, analyze and manage a space mission from initial concept to project funding while using this set of hands-on activities.