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  • Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

    Webinar: NASA's Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum  →

    Register now for the free online seminar on Jan. 12, 2011. The session will highlight "NASA's Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum" available as a website, a video series and a companion book.

  • Screen capture of portion of poster

    The International Space Station Poster

    This poster features basic facts about the International Space Station and activities related to robotic and engineering design. Links on the page include demonstration videos of the activities.

  • Words Spaced Out Sports and pictures of athletes with space images in background

    Spaced Out Sports Design Challenge  →

    Students apply Newton's Laws of Motion by designing or redesigning a game for astronauts to play on the International Space Station.

  • A man standing next to materials used for making a dry ice comet

    Create a Comet With Dry Ice  →

    Watch this video to learn how to build an icy model of a comet, complete with shooting jets. Safety precautions are required.

  • Red supergiant star Betelgeuse

    The Relative Sizes of the Sun and Stars  →

    11.02.10 - Follow the number clues to compare the sizes of some other familiar stars!

  • Global Ice Viewer

    Global Ice Viewer

    10.19.10 - See how climate change has affected glaciers and other ice on Earth.

  • Cover of the Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge Educator Guide

    Waste Limitation Management and Recycling

    10.13.10 - This educator guide challenges students to consider how to maintain human habitations in space. Students will design and test a prototype system for recycling water.

  • Astronomy in the Round

    Astronomy in the Round

    10.05.10 - In this activity, students use astronomical photographs of solar system bodies to determine how large a celestial body must be before it starts to look round. Student and teacher pages are included.

  • A page from Buzz Lightyear Connect It!: Flight Path Activity

    Buzz Lightyear Connect It!: Flight Path Activity

    09.28.10 - Students use ordered pairs to create a flight plan to the space shuttle for Buzz Lightyear.

  • Hidden message without and with a filter

    Light and Color -- Hidden Messages

    08.31.10 - Students use coloring markers to draw hidden designs that can only be seen through the correct filter.

  • A man talks with an astronaut

    Kids In Micro-g! The Scientific Method

    08.24.10 - This contest ran in the 2009-10 school year. But you can use resources such as a video of an astronaut explaining the scientific method. Read the list of winning experiments for ideas for your class.

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  • LineUp With Math simulator

    LineUp With Math™  →

    A Web-based simulator and six problem sets enable students to explore and apply proportional reasoning skills to resolve distance-rate-time conflicts in realistic air traffic control problems.

  • Barometer

    Weather Bingo  →

    In this S'COOL lesson, students play a game to review weather-related vocabulary words. The site includes a glossary.

  • girl creates clay asteroid

    Modeling Activity Complements Asteroid Encounter

    07.13.10 - Here's a perfect hands-on lesson for summer camp: An easy-to-do activity that highlights asteroids and the spectacular images of a recent flyby of asteroid Lutetia.

  • Cover of Space Faring: The Radiation Challenge Middle School Educator Guide

    Space Faring: The Radiation Challenge

    07.07.10 - Use inquiry-based activities to introduce radiation and its effect on living things in the context of a lunar outpost scenario.

  • Page from Buzz Lightyear Putting It All Together Activity

    Putting It Together

    Students use their knowledge of physical science and the design process to construct a device that puts a marble in a cup.

  • Screenshot of the Galactic Doom game

    Galactic Doom

    06.08.10 - "Galactic Doom" is the latest in the Space Mysteries series of interactive Web games for middle and high school students.

  • Poster showing pictures of spacesuits

    Build It With Spacewalks Poster

    06.02.10 - Use the activities on the back of this poster to teach the technology behind spacesuits.

  • The cover page of the Field Trip to the Moon Educator Guide

    Field Trip to the Moon Educator Guide

    05.18.10 - Students use inquiry-based learning as they work in teams to understand complex systems and design a self-sufficient lunar station. Each team will have two tasks with specific objectives to complete.

  • Lamp shines on two coffee cans with thermometers

    Absorption and Radiation

    05.04.10 - This activity investigates the effect surface color has on heat absorption and radiation. Watch the demonstration video for ideas.