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The Sonoma State University (SSU) NASA Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) Program invites educators to apply to become Educator Ambassadors. Approximately ten highly motivated educators will be given the opportunity to represent space satellite missions in NASA's Structure and Evolution of the Universe theme as Educator Ambassadors for annually renewable one-year terms beginning October 1, 2003, extending through at least September 30, 2007. This new group will join the existing group of ten Educator Ambassadors from the previous term.

The Educator Ambassadors Program aims to engage energetic educators who have the means and drive to share the excitement of space-based astronomy by assisting NASA outreach and science team members in developing and delivering engaging, cutting-edge workshops and curriculum materials. This opportunity is open to educators who teach grades 8-12 and informal educators.

Training and Stipends

Educator Ambassadors will participate in 1-week summer training institutes at Sonoma State University near San Francisco, California, where they will interact with NASA scientists, engineers, project team members, and other educators. The training sessions will begin in July 2004, and will occur approximately every other year. There is a $2500 annual stipend and budget for travel to a national education conference.

Each ambassador will be provided with a content-rich experience in NASA space science, technology, and related educational standards. In between summer institute sessions, additional training will occur via learning-at-a-distance modules set up on the Internet by the SSU NASA E/PO group. Additionally, the SSU NASA E/PO group is producing educator guides, videos, planetarium shows, brochures, posters, and on-line materials, resource links, and information. These items will be available at no cost to all Educator Ambassadors.

Educator Ambassador Responsibilities

In return for the ongoing support of their efforts, each Educator Ambassador will assist NASA outreach and science team members in developing engaging educational materials for middle and high school students that are aligned with the national science and mathematics standards. These materials will be tested in the Educator Ambassadors' classrooms, and/or in other forms as appropriate. Beginning in 2004, each participant will be expected to present a NASA-related workshop to at least four local, regional, or national conferences each year.

Each Educator Ambassador is required to have his or her own plans (via teacher in-services, public lectures, museum programs, educator conferences, etc.) to routinely disseminate mission materials throughout the year.


The deadline for applications is August 1, 2003. More information and an online application form can be found at the Web site listed below.

Educator Ambassadors Program
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