In Their Own Words: Jeanette J. Epps
JSC2009-E-140743  --- Jeanette J. Epps

Jeanette J. Epps of Fairfax, Va. has been selected as a member of NASA's 2009 Astronaut Class. Photo Credit: NASA
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When did you know that you wanted to become an astronaut?

I think many people dream of becoming an astronaut, most, however, never pursue it. My life has been geared toward it indirectly with the hope of becoming a viable candidate. However, it wasn't until Spring '08 that, because of the encouragement of a close friend, I realized that I would be a viable candidate and that I should apply.

What was it that inspired this goal and what steps did you take to get there?

The NASA mission has always inspired me because I have a great desire to help further our understanding of the world we live in and the universe. I pursued a career in science and technology in an effort to contribute. I also have a desire to encourage young students to pursue careers in science and help contribute because I believe everyone can help and has a part to play!

What was your reaction to hearing that you were selected?

I was truly shocked because of the caliber of people I met during the interview process -- I met some of the most amazing inspirational people. It is a huge honor to have been selected!

What are some of your hobbies, interests and special talents?

One of my favorite hobbies/interests is working with kids of all ages to teach them about science and technology. Other hobbies that I have, when I am not working, include traveling, reading, and trying as many new things as I can!