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Asteroid Initiative Opportunities Forum

12:30-4:30 p.m. • 26 March 2014 • NASA Headquarters James E. Webb Auditorium

During the Asteroid Initiative Opportunities Forum, NASA experts provided a status update on Asteroid Redirect Mission concepts and summarized how responses from the 2013 Request for Information are helping to inform planning for the entire asteroid initiative—the redirect mission and the grand challenge. Participants learned about new ways to get involved in the initiative and participated in discussions with NASA asteroid experts. 

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Program Outline and Materials

Update on Asteroid Redirect Mission 
This panel will provide an update on Asteroid Redirect Mission status, including the latest updates and plans.  This panel will also provide the latest results from the robotic mission concept comparative assessment and how the crewed asteroid mission leads to Mars missions. Followed by Q&A session. 
» Download the presentations (PDF)
» Download additional information about the robotic concept to capture and redirect a small asteroid (PDF)
» Download additional information about the robotic concept to pluck a boulder from a larger asteroid (PDF)
» Watch: Asteroid Redirect Mission: Boulder Collection Concept

Broad Agency Announcement 
An overview of the Asteroid Redirect Mission Broad Agency Announcement including expert review of the major components—capture systems, rendezvous sensors, secondary payloads, commercial spacecraft buses, and partnerships for the crewed mission. Followed by Q&A session. 
» Download the presentations (PDF)

Technology Needs 
A broad overview of current state-of-the-art technologies and technology readiness levels for the Asteroid Redirect Mission.
» Download the presentation (PDF)

Asteroid Grand Challenge 
An update on the agency's Asteroid Grand Challenge with announcements for new engagement opportunities.  
» Download the presentations (PDF)
» Watch: NASA's Asteroid Data Hunter Video

Next Steps 
» Download the presentation (PDF)


Broad Agency Announcement Posted

Concept image of an astronaut exploring a captured asteroid in lunar orbit.NASA is soliciting ideas that will contribute to NASA's asteroid redirect mission (ARM), including concept ideas for an alternate asteroid capture system, rendezvous sensor systems, secondary payloads, feasibility studies on adapting commercial spacecraft buses, and commercial and international partnership opportunities for the mission. 
» View the BAA

BAA Reference Documents:
» AR&D Commonality Outbrief
» ARM Reference Mission ConOps
» ARM Alternate Mission ConOps
» ARM Crewed Segment ConOps
» ARM Common Specs

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