Designer's Workbench, Activation, EasyT, and EasyScene Design Software, 1997

Partnership with Coryphaeus Software Inc. 

Coryphaeus Software was founded in 1989 by a former NASA electronics engineer, Steve Lakowske. His 10-years in the space arena included work on a vertical motion simulator at Ames Research Center, and other tasks associated with human and machine interaction. One of his assignments at Ames was design, fabrication, and testing of audio, communications, and aural cue systems in a multimillion dollar aviation human factors research facility. As president of the privately-owned Coryphaeus,  Lakowske turned his prior experiences into a successful software firm producing high-end, real-time simulation products for virtual reality applications. Annual sales are now over $6 million. Designer's Workbench, the company's flagship product, is a modeling and simulation tool for the development of both static and dynamic 3D databases. Other products soon followed. Activation, specifically designed for game developers, allows developers to play and test the 3D games before they commit to a target platform. Game publishers can shorten development time and prove the "playability" of the title, maximizing their chances of introducing a smash hit. Another product, EasyT, lets users create massive, realistic representation of Earth terrains that can be viewed and traversed in real time. Finally, EasyScene software control the actions among interactive objects within a virtual world.

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