Newtsuit, 1987

Partnership with Can-Dive Services, LTD.

Can-Dive Services Ltd.'s Newtsuit., based out of  North Vancouver, British Colombia, developed a “Newtsuit” with help from NASA technology that originated in the mid-1960’s when Ames Research Center conducted design studies of hard shell pressure suits capable of providing protection against meteorites. Although it is a hard shell armored aluminum suit, it is a relatively light 400 pounds. It has a constant pressure of “one atmosphere” meaning the pressure all the way down to the suit’s 1,000 feet limit will be the same as on the water’s surface. “Newtsuit”, like a spacesuit, has a self contained backpack breathing system with a duration of 48 hours. It employs a series of patented low friction fluidic joints designed to make underwater motion easier and permit 75 percent; normal human mobility.

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