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IRIS Science Cafe #2 - The Mission
April 23, 2014


The NASA Ames Visitor Center will be hosting three evenings of science cafés where your questions are the centerpiece. Attend one, or two, or all three to see what kind of conversations can come out of your questions! Please note that these events are for NASA fans 21 years and older.

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April 23rd: The Mission

You asked us how the IRIS Mission functions and how it differs from other NASA Missions. We will host the following speakers to help us learn more about mission flight and communication operations:

  • Jim Strong, NASA Ames Research Center, IRIS Mission Operations Manager
  • Robert Carvalho, NASA Ames Research Center, IRIS Flight Controller

About IRIS:

Understanding the interface between the photosphere and corona remains a fundamental challenge in solar and heliospheric science. The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) mission opens a window of discovery into this crucial region by tracing the flow of energy and plasma through the chromosphere and transition region into the corona using spectrometry and imaging. IRIS is designed to provide significant new information to increase our understanding of energy transport into the corona and solar wind and provide an archetype for all stellar atmospheres. The unique instrument capabilities, coupled with state of the art 3-D modeling, will fill a large gap in our knowledge of this dynamic region of the solar atmosphere. The mission will extend the scientific output of existing heliophysics spacecraft that follow the effects of energy release processes from the sun to Earth.

Mark your calendar for this upcoming science café event at Ames:

May 7th: The Sun

You asked us about the structure of the Sun and how it functions. We will host the following speaker to help us learn more about how the center of our solar system really works!

  • Karel Schrijver, Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, Space Weather Expert


Previous event: IRIS Science Cafe #1 - The Spacecraft


IRIS mission logo features a sun, a prism with a rainbow light spectrum coming from it, and on the bottom a list of mission partners: NASA, LMSAL, LMS&ES, ARC, SAO, UiO, MSU, LSJU.
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