African American Advisory Group

Ames African American Advisory Group (AAAG)

The Ames African American Advisory Group (AAAG) in cooperation with the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity and center management serves as a resource for promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment. Specifically, AAAG works with management and ODEO to jointly provide creative solutions to broadening the representation of African Americans in Ames career opportunities. This involves the development and advancement of Ames African American employees, through training, mentorship, strategic partnerships, and AAAG leadership opportunities.

Further, AAAG participates in educational outreach programs, particularly those in under represented areas, and promotes awareness of the numerous opportunities available at Ames. AAAG also celebrates African American culture and heritage by hosting events that showcase the many contributions made by African Americans, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math. Open communication is maintained with AAAG members and other advisory groups.

AAAG Officers

Chair: Denise R. Snow

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