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Space Act Agreement

Space Act Agreements (SAAs) are a type of legal agreement specified in the National Aeronautics and Space Act that established NASA. The agreements reached under the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) and Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) programs are examples of Space Act agreements. SAAs are not subject to normal Federal Acquisition Regulations.

For questions and information regarding Space Act Agreements please contact via email: Phil Helrth.


A collaborative R&D agreement in which NASA and another party work collaboratively on a project or technology without the transfer of funds between them. Each party may contribute personnel, facilities, expertise, equipment, technology, etc. Each party agrees to fund its own participation under this agreement.


An agreement for the reimbursable use of NASA facilities, and/or access to NASA personnel or equipment by a public or private entity. The agreement involves a transfer of funds from the private entity to NASA. The terms, conditions and schedules are negotiable, but NASA must be paid in advance for each stage of the effort.

Interagency Agreements

Nonreimbursable and reimbursable agreements with other agencies of the Federal Government and state/local governments that can be entered into under the authority of the NASA Space Act, sections 203(c)(5) and (6), 42 U.S.C. § 2473(c). Such agreements are a formal statement of understanding between NASA and an agency or agencies of the Federal, state, or local government requiring NASA programmatic or institutional activities over a period of time to accomplish the purpose of the agreement. An exchange of correspondence or transfer of funds related to routine activities within the scope of existing authority and policies does not constitute or require an interagency agreement.

International Agreements

Nonreimbursable agreements or reimbursable agreements wherein the Agreement Partner is a foreign entity. "Foreign entity" means a legal entity that is not established under a state or Federal law of the United States and includes a commercial or noncommercial entity or person or governmental entity of a foreign sovereign. International nonreimbursable agreements are generally governed by international law, while International reimbursable agreements are generally governed by U.S. Federal law. Such procedural requirements include review by other parts of the U.S. Government coordinated through the Department of State.

For questions and information regarding International Agreements please contact via email: Terry Pagaduan.

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