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Natural Resources Overview
April 11, 2013

Florida, seen during space shuttle mission STS-95 on Oct. 31, 1998. Credit: NASA
Florida's watery world as seen from space illustrates how water shapes and Influences life for all of its residents. Image taken during Space Shuttle mission STS-95 on Oct. 31, 1998. Credit: NASA

Natural Resources

NASA strives to promote increased efficiency of raw materials and conservation of natural resources. These resources include land use, wetlands and floodplains, threatened and endangered species, wildlife, ecosystems, oceans, and coastal zones.

Natural Resources Management ensures that NASA makes efficient use of natural resources while protecting the environment and valuable wildlife. This management further allows NASA to conserve precious natural resources for future generations.

This site is your portal to Natural Resources at NASA and gives you a broad view of the Natural Resources endeavors at NASA.

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