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Sustainability 101

NASA's sustainability policy is to execute NASA’s mission without compromising our planet’s resources so that future generations can meet their needs. Sustainability involves taking action now to enable a future where the environment and living conditions are protected and enhanced. To this end, NASA seeks to use public funds efficiently and effectively, promote the health of the planet, and operate in a way that benefits our neighbors. NASA has been on the path to achieve long-term sustainability goals for many years through numerous efforts in energy conservation, recycling, water management, pollution prevention, design and construction, maintenance and operations, master planning, and electronic stewardship.

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Spotlight On

KSC Environmental Program  →

KSC has a very active environmental program responsible for clean-up, preservation, recycling, green purchasing, hazardous materials and many other environmental disciplines.

Global Climate Change Education  →

NASA’s Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) initiative is designed to improve the quality of the nation’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education programs.

Space Coast Next Generation Solar Energy Center

Located at KSC, the FPL Space Coast Solar Energy Center is a bright example of public-private partnership to create a more sustainable future.

NASA Sustainability Base

NASA's Sustainability Base is both a working office space and an evolving exemplar of sustainable design. It showcases how technology and the environment can thrive together in harmony.

NASA Receives Presidential GreenGov Award

NASA was happy to accept the GreenGov Presidential Award for their consistent effort of moving toward sustainable and efficient operations in all fields.

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