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NASA and Green Roof Research
November 27, 2012

NASA and Green Roof Research
To download a printable tri-fold version (designed to be folded horizontally) of the six-page "NASA and Green Roof Research" brochure, click here.

July 10, 2012

NASA has released a fact sheet detailing our efforts to research, use, and improve upon the concept of "green roofs" - urban rooftops covered with vegetation. Although the idea is centuries old, it has great relevance in addressing today's challenges. With over half of the entire human population living in cities, it is important to understand how cities can be affected by climate change, and to devise strategies to employ adaptation strategies to deal with possible impacts.

NASA plays an increasingly important role in research into climate change and its potential impacts on the quality of life on earth. This includes several thrusts of research into the impact on urban life on climate change. One such effort at NASA involves utilizing green (a.k.a. vegetated) roofs. NASA's research reveals that roofs covered with vegetation provide a cleaner environment, energy savings, and increased insulation. Additionally, utilization of green roofs can dramatically reduce the surface temperature of urban environments, something critically important for elderly and other sensitive populations.

To learn more about the benefits and challenges of green roofs, click below to view NASA's "green roofs" fact sheet.

NASA and Green Roof Research

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