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Energy and Water Initiatives
April 11, 2013

NASA sustains numerous Energy & Water initiatives. Check here to see what's going on.

Chicken Fat Bio-Fuel may be a New Alternative
NASA scientists from the Langley Research Center have begun developing a safe and efficient substitute for the jet fuel used today. The bio-fuel is created from chicken fat and has thus far proven to produce the same performance results in as jet fuel, with less harm to the environment.
Chicken Fat Bio Fuel
NASA Alternative Fuel Research
This presentation outlines NASA's research in the area of alternative fuel sources. The presentation explains what sources NASA has explored so far and what directions NASA is looking to move towards in the future.
NASA Alternative Fuel Research
Ames Energy Conservation and Management Projects

This site provides a brief description of the various energy management and conservation projects at NASA's Ames Research Center.

Energy conservation
The Energy Program at KSC

Kennedy Space Center's energy program is committed to improving energy efficiency to save taxpayer dollars, reduce emissions contributing toward air pollution and global climate change, and conserve precious natural resources for future generations.

Energy at KSC
Ames Greenspace Water Conservation Project

NASA Ames Research Center is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint, encourage sustainable institutional practices, and motivate employees to choose environmentally-responsible work and lifestyle habits.

Ames water conservation
Water Recovery Systems

NASA researchers are currently working on projects that produce water processing systems that are extremely low power with regenerative wastewater-to-potable water processing, as well as systems that provide contingency water purification that are portable and require no power.

Water recovery systems
Clean Energy Program at Ames

Researchers at Ames are currently conducting research and development of clean energy technologies for NASA mission needs in the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate and the Science Mission Directorate. Research has been focused on advancing bio-fuels, solar, and wind technologies that also help reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum based fuels.

Clean energy program at Ames
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