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NASA & Green Engineering
November 27, 2012

NASA & Green Engineering
To download a printable 11"x17" version (designed to be folded so that the pages shown above are the back and cover pages) of the four-page "NASA and Green Engineering" brochure, click here.

November 20, 2012

NASA has published a fact sheet detailing our Green Engineering efforts. These efforts provide for a sustainable future on Planet Earth and while sustaining the exploration of the universe. Since the 1960s, the Agency has developed technologies that optimize energy efficiency while recycling water, reducing water and energy use, protecting air quality, reducing weight, and minimizing exposure to hazardous materials on long‑term missions. Green Engineering also helps to ensure mission success by minimizing and mitigating risks, especially those from materials that are obsolete or restricted by national and international environmental regulations.

NASA's goal is to promote strategic life cycle management throughout the Agency. This initiative includes processes and tools for the research and development of technology, materials, hardware, systems, and new energy sources. In all these areas, NASA is undertaking advances that are inherently less costly, maintain or improve performance, and are safer for the public. Green engineering also involves the design of materials, processes, systems and devices over the entire life cycle of a product or project.

To learn more about the benefits and challenges of Green Engineering, click below to view NASA's Green Engineering fact sheet.

NASA and Green Engineering *NEW*

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