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July 18, 2013

H2O Letters

Many additional resources are available within this site to further the understanding of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and NASA's commitment to environmental stewardship through an effective NEPA Program.

NASA's NEPA Program supports environmental planning and analysis at all of the Agency's Centers and Component Facilities and activities are happening year-round.

Click here for NEPA news at NASA.

NASA's NEPA Program does not work in a vacuum- NASA works with many other Federal agencies to make NEPA a successful component of our nation's environmental policy. These agencies, as well as some other groups, have put together excellent NEPA sites and related content that can further and enrich the understanding of NEPA and its position in U.S. environmental policy.

Click here for links to additional NEPA content at NASA, other Federal Agencies, or groups.

It takes a team to run an effective NEPA program and NASA has people across the Agency working together to make sure NASA meets its objectives and goals while also protecting the environment.

Click here to connect with NEPA Managers and websites at NASA Centers and Component Facilities.

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