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How to Get Involved
July 18, 2013

NASA personnel gathered as a team before sensor domes NASA personnel gathered as a team before sensor domes. PARTICIPATION IS KEY. HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

The key to getting involved with NASA's NEPA process is two-fold: 1) Understanding how to participate in the process, and 2) Making the effort to participate. There are several avenues to get involved in NASA's NEPA process.

Participation can be:

  • Researching and identifying what steps NASA will take when it announces a proposed action that might have significant impacts on the environment,

    Identifying and understanding NASA's implementing procedures is very important if your participation is to be effective. Knowing how, when, and in what way you can participate differs among Federal agencies. This website will be updated if NASA's requirements are changed or new legislation affects the way NASA implements the NEPA Process.

  • Finding the best way to incorporate your concerns into the effort when NASA is preparing its NEPA analysis for a proposed action,

    Participation can effected as an individual, or you can get involved with other interested individuals or groups. These groups can range from concerned citizens, to technical experts, to local, state or Tribal government bodies. Find out how these groups can aid you or you can help the groups. In this way, your voice can be added with the knowledge and expertise to assist with the decision-making process.

  • Reviewing and commenting when NASA releases the documentation for the public, and

    NASA is required to provide meaningful ways for the public to participate. Notifications to the public are required at various times in the process. When a public commenting period is available, timely participation is vital if your concerns are going to be included and properly considered by NASA. If comments are well-written and relevant to the analysis out for review then the effectiveness of your participation will be enhanced. Comments with well-considered alternative actions or solutions will be more effective than comments opposing any action. The earlier alternative actions are suggested, the more possible it be will be to consider them in the analysis.

  • Monitoring the implementation of a chosen action or alternative action and the effectiveness of any mitigating actions required.

    Reviewing and commenting isn't the only way to participate. Checking that actions are implemented as laid out by the decision documentation can be just as important as the planning and commenting. If mitigations and monitoring actions were put into effect, the results of the monitoring must be available to the public with a request process.

Successfully participating in NASA's NEPA Process will require at least a basic understanding of NEPA and NASA's process for implementing it. This website has additional sections to help you get the understanding that you will need. Reviewing the section for NASA's NEPA Process is a fine starting place. If you have additional questions, check to see if they have been answered in the Frequently-Asked Questions section. If you need additional help or information contact Center representatives of NASA's NEPA Program or the program at NASA Headquarters.

Click here to explore NASA's NEPA Process- how the process works and additional ways to participate in the process.

Click here to review Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about the NEPA process and follow links to the FAQ lists of related Federal agencies.

Click here to connect with NEPA Managers and websites at NASA Centers and Component Facilities.

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