Observing National Aerospace Week

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Observing National Aerospace Week

Dr. Jaiwon Shin
Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator for NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.
Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
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"NASA this week joins with the rest of the aerospace industry in marking National Aerospace Week, an annual observance that recognizes the enormous contribution the aerospace industry makes to America’s economy, global competitiveness and national security. And of course, what that means for NASA.

The word 'aerospace' encompasses aviation, which means everything to do with air transportation – the aircraft, airports, safety, and the air traffic management system.

'Aeronautics' means everything to do with the study of flight and it is also the first 'A' in NASA. So this week provides an opportunity to recognize how NASA contributes to making our nation's air transportation system a vital economic asset.

Aviation accounts for $1.3 trillion of U.S. economic activity annually and generates more than 10.2 million direct and indirect jobs.

It safely handles more than 730 million passengers every year and transports $1.6 trillion worth of cargo. Even though you may not have flown today, something you needed probably did – your new smartphone, vital medicines, fresh flowers, time-sensitive construction materials, even a new pet.

Without air transportation, our nation's economy would grind to a halt.

I am proud of the contributions made by our scientists, engineers, programmers, managers, pilots and so many others to improve the safety and efficiency of aircraft and the system in which they fly.

I invite you to explore the links below to learn more about the NASA-developed technologies that are 'with you when you fly'– from winglets that reduce fuel consumption to chevron nozzles that reduce engine noise. And to learn more about our vision to ultimately transform aviation."

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