About the NASA Speakers Bureau

About the NASA Speakers Bureau

NASA speaker gives presentation The NASA Speakers Bureau is composed of engineers, scientists, and other professionals who represent the agency as speakers at civic, professional, educational and other public venues. Each year, NASA speakers provide hundreds of presentations to thousands of people.

Image right: Speakers Bureau member gives a presentation on astronomy. Credit: NASA

The Speakers Bureau is a free service as a part of our public communication and outreach programs. Our audiences include pre-school to college classes, libraries and museums, scouts, professional and technical organizations, and community groups.

Exciting topics and dynamic presentations will inspire and educate your group. Topics include:

  • NASA Overview
  • Space Exploration
  • How NASA improves our quality of life
  • Aeronautics Research
  • Center overviews
  • Mission and program briefings

We will work with you to attempt to identify the topic and speaker that will best meet the needs of your audience. Flexibility in your topic and program date helps immensely in securing a NASA speaker.

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