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Richard Keegan, NASA Associate Deputy Administrator

Richard KeeganRichard Keegan is NASA's Associate Deputy Administrator. Editors note: Keegan retired from NASA on April 3, 2015.

Richard Keegan was appointed as NASA's associate deputy administrator Dec. 16, 2010. The associate deputy administrator assists and supports NASA's deputy administrator and administrator during day-to-day agency operations, across the broad scope of institutional and workforce issues, as well as with with contingency and continuity of operations planning. Previously, Keegan served as deputy associate administrator of the Mission Support Directorate since its creation in April 2010. For the prior four years he was director of NASA's Office of Program and Institutional Integration. In those roles, he served as the focal point for balancing priorities for mission directorates, mission support offices and agency field centers.

Since coming to NASA Headquarters in 2002, Keegan has served in senior business management positions in mission directorate and mission support offices. He also worked in a variety of jobs during 21 years at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., NASA Headquarters and the Department of Energy. He began his federal service in June, 1980. Prior to that, he was a junior high school science teacher for two years. He has degrees in biological sciences and secondary education from the University of Maryland.

April 2015

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