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NASA Culture Survey
This report provides the results of an assessment of NASA's overall safety climate and culture. The report is based on review of existing information, an employee survey, and interviews and focus groups. The quantitative data presented comes from the employee perception survey.

There are three key themes that emerge from the survey data:
  • Overall NASA has strong work-group level teamwork and communications.
  • Overall NASA has improvement opportunities in upward communications about safety and in employee perceptions about the extent to which the organization cares about employees.
  • Overall there is little variation among NASA locations, among offices within NASA locations, or between programs.
Care should be taken to not read messages into the data beyond what they actually show. There is normal variation in the survey sample that does not reflect real, statistically meaningful differences.

The results of this survey will help guide our efforts to strengthen the culture in ways that support NASA's core values. Briefings on this effort will be occurring at each NASA location in the near future.

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NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe discusses the survey and recommendations for change at a media roundtable, April 13, 2004.
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