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FY 2001 Performance Report

From the Administrator's Message:

In FY 2001, NASA achieved 79 percent of the annual performance goals that mark progress toward achieving our strategic objectives. In achieving these goals, we have advanced the scientific understanding of the Earth, the solar system, and the universe; pursued human exploration and development of space; and developed revolutionary technologies that will carry us forward in the years to come.

FY 2001 was a year of challenge as well as achievement. To help address those challenges, the Agency is recommitting itself to ensure that its managerial expertise as well as technical expertise is strong. We will broaden our efforts to optimize financial, personnel and contractual capabilities. Data that allow us to identify areas where improvement is needed will be used to forge new policies and procedures. By focusing on our management capabilities, it is likely that the Agency will be able to achieve more scientifically and technically.

Read the overview (with internal links to the entire report):